New issues of Amiga Addict and Pixel Addict available now

The latest issues of Amiga Addict and Pixel Addict magazines are now available to pre-order.

ISSUE 11 of Pixel Addict includes:​

  • The PC Strikes Back! We look at the change in PC games during the DOS era and consider how the PC evolved from being an IBM-compatible business computer – winning the fight against consoles – and going on to become the dominant gaming platform!
  • Pokémon: Detective Pikachu movie retrospective.
  • Broken Sword: 2D in the new 3D world! Plus: Tony Warriner Q&A.
  • Acorn BBC Micro in 2023 and beyond.
  • Rare vintage computing, with the Lambda 8300, the Vectrex and Tiger’s
  • The dot com bubble! We discuss the internet and investments in online tech startups during the 1990s.
  • Robert E. Howard’s Conan The Barbarian.
  • Mike’s Vintage Tech YouTube host, Mike Nurney.
  • Can the current generation of gamers still enjoy classic games of yesteryear? We find out!
  • Open Transport Tycoon Deluxe.
  • The latest games for classic video games systems. This month, we round-up new releases for the Intellivision!
  • New retro game releases reviewed: The Guise, and It Returned To The Desert. Plus an exclusive interview with IRTTD’s developer, Tim Rachor.
  • Regulars such as News, Homebrew Heroes, readers’ points of view and ex-Ocean Software’s Simon Butler.
  • Plus lots lots more..!

ISSUE 20 of Amiga Addict includes:​

  • Amiga Addict explores Andy Warhol’s relationship with creating art on the Amiga and how he helped forge our platform’s creative identity.
    PLUS: An exclusive interview with Amiga World magazine’s co-founder and editor Guy Wright, who interviewed Warhol back in 1986 prior to the iconic artist’s passing.
  • We head out on the road, turning our focus to Amiga users and reporting from Lincolnshire Amiga Group, Stamford Peterborough Amiga Group and Yorkshire Amiga Group meets.
  • The Amiga Walker prototype – the last AGA Amiga computer never to be released.
  • Rob Smith’s new Retro Directory, a free online listing service.
  • We speak to David Upchurch, the renowned ex-editor of The One Amiga magazine.
  • Original Amiga hardware engineer Ron Nicholson gives us the low-down on what makes our favourite machine tick.
  • A brand new gamepad controller for the Amiga: Ralph Egas brings word of his Dual Stick.
  • Latest game review: Maria Renard’s Revenge.
  • To celebrate both Easter and Amiga Addict’s 20th issue, our Gold Standard column reveals the best Easter Eggs and bonuses hidden in classic Amiga games.
  • A round-up of the AGA games everyone really should have played!
  • Six Of The Best: classic games picked out by Acidbottle (Wonderboy).
  • A guide to Bifrost Heimdall Edition, the ultimate LED lighting mod for the Amiga.
  • Magazine, manual and reference book scanning. We look at the best way to digitally preserve your Amiga-related print media with the CZUR ET16 Plus overhead scanner.
  • Our regulars including former-Sensible Software’s Stoo Cambridge, Demoscene, Amiga news, User Groups, Classic Coverdisk Of The Month and readers letters.
  • Plus lots lots more..!

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