Life on Mars: Genesis – new Mega Drive ‘MetroidVania’ available for pre-order

Life on Mars: Genesis is a “MetroidVania”is a new game for the Mega Drive / Genesis by Spanish devs, Kai Magazine Software. The game is based on their previous game, Life on Mars, for MSX 2.

The Story

A scientific colony was established on Mars and frozen life was found in the Martian ice, a bacterium. Shortly afterward, Earth lost contact with the colony. 9 months later, a ship from Earth finally reached Mars and a technician was sent to repair the communications array. Playing as said technician, you must find out what happened to the colony.

You can now pre-order the game at a reduced launch price from their online store, and the game is estimated to be shipping at the end of 2022. You can also find a link to a playable demo on their website.

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