Final Firmware Update for original Evercade Handheld

Blaze have launched their final firmware update for the original Evercade Handheld, which was discontinued last year. You can download the firmware update here for Windows and Mac (Linux is coming at a later date)

Sadly there are no hidden games included in the update as there was no room, but the updates do provide some nice Quality of Life features for the original device.

Full Update details are below

  • Added new Ellipsis menu to game details for advanced features
  • Added coin limiter
  • Added competition mode
  • Added game stats tracking
  • Added DRC (Dynamic Rate Control)
  • Added PAL 50Hz HDMI switch
  • Added performance boosts
  • Added flashing lights warning
  • Added numerous typo fixes to cart names, descriptions etc.
  • Added improved descriptions, fix typos, update control diagrams for:
    • Codemasters Collection 1
    • Indie Heroes Collection 1
    • Worms Collection 1
    • Gremlin Collection 1
    • Intellivision Collection 1
    • Mega Cat Studios Collection 2
    • Renovation Collection 1
  • Added Roniu’s Tale patch (Mega Cat Studios Collection 2)
  • Added Thunder Hoop patch (Gaelco Arcade 1)
  • Update Blast Backend
  • Fixed SRAM saves
  • Improve performance and shader accuracy (scanlines, etc.)
  • Better game rendering (more crisp image in original display)
  • Overhauled Atari 1 + 2 emulation (NOTE: This will take 10 seconds on first boot to update, old saves on these carts will be incompatible with this update)
  • Fixed missing buttons
  • Fixed missing difficulty switches
  • Fixed gameplay issues
  • Improve performance
  • Increase emulation accuracy
  • Fixed graphical glitches
  • Improved control diagrams and layout
  • Plus more miscellaneous fixes and enhancements
  • Fixed reset for a some arcade games
  • Fixed THEC64 save cross compatibility
  • Fixed menu graphical errors
  • Fixed incorrect theme images
  • Improved Polish localisation (Many thanks to Arek)
  • Improved Spanish localisation (Many thanks to Joshua + Andres)
  • Overall improvements to localisations
  • Improved Nestopia emulation (Accuracy, performance, RF filter, ratios)

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