Net Yaroze Month: The Incredible Coneman

In Net Yaroze Month, we are playing every Net Yaroze game featured on the UK Official Playstation Magazine, and ranking them all in the order we liked them. You may have other opinions as to the ranking, which is awesome.

To learn more about Net Yaroze, read our introductory article here.


So, I thought we had finished this yesterday, but then I realised I hadn’t played The Incredible Coneman by Lars Barstad and Per Ivar Pedersen

The Incredible Coneman is essentially 3D Pac-Man. Except you’re collecting cones instead of dots, and the power pills are replaced by stars. The stars don’t allow you to eat the ghosts, though, just walk through them.

Speaking of ghosts, they don’t appear to follow any patterns or even try and follow you, they just wander aimlessly about. You just have to avoid them, while they go about their business. Like going supermarket shopping during Covid.

The best thing about the game for me is the ‘music’, which is essentially a repeating jazzy bass line. When you pick up a star you get an extra bit of drum going on, and when you are killed by a ghost another musical sax-flourish is added. I like a game where your gameplay affects the tune!

Game: The Incredible Coneman
By: Lars Barstad and Per Ivar Pedersen
Genre: Maze
Available on Euro Demos: 32, 42, 92

Net Yaroze Month rankings:​

The Incredible Coneman sneaks in at the end at No. 25!

  1. Time Slip
  2. Blitter Boy
  3. Rocks n Gems
  4. Total Soccer Yaroze
  5. Terra Incognita
  6. Super Bub Contest
  7. Robot Ron
  8. Decaying Orbit
  9. Psychon
  10. INVS
  11. Clone
  12. Snowball Fight
  13. Haunted Maze
  14. Roller
  15. Pushy IIB
  16. Gravitation
  17. Down
  18. Arena
  19. Squeak
  20. Adventure Game
  21. Samsaric Asymptotes
  22. Katapila
  23. Sam the Boulderman
  24. Pssst!
  25. [U]The Incredible Coneman[/U]
  26. Pandora’s Box
  27. Mah Jongg
  28. Hover Car Racing
  29. Game Involving Triangles
  30. Yarozians
  31. Tanx
  32. PingPing
  33. Opera of Destruction
  34. Video Poker Simulator
  35. Shroud
  36. A Dog Tale
  37. Between the Eyes
  38. Bouncer 2
  39. Yaroze Rally
  40. Sphere
  41. Blockz
  42. Technical Demo
  43. Surf Game

Still to play:

That’s surely it now! We’ve played all the Net Yaroze games available on the UK Official Playstation Magazine demo disc. If there was any more I missed, please let me know!

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