You can now play Atari Classics Yars’ Revenge and Caverns of Mars on the Intellivision

Intellivision owners can now get to play classic Atari games, Caverns of Mars and Yars’ Revenge on their console. The two games have been unofficially ported to the INTV by Homebrew Inc, and are being released as roms by Intellivision Collector.

Caverns of Mars and Yars’ Revenge are two classic video games developed for Atari systems in the early 1980s. Both games were well-received by players and critics at the time of their release.

Caverns of Mars is a vertically-scrolling shooter game that takes place in a network of underground caves on the planet Mars. The player controls a spacecraft armed with cannons and must navigate through the treacherous tunnels while avoiding enemy ships and obstacles. The game was created by Greg Christensen and originally launched for the Atari 8-bit computers in 1981.

Yars’ Revenge, originally developed by Howard Scott Warsaw, on the other hand, is a multidirectional shooter game that takes place in space. The player controls a Yar, a strange insect-like creature, that must destroy a shielded enemy base by firing on it with its Zorlon Cannon. The game looks really confusing when you first play it, but once you know what’s going on, it is easy to get hooked!

The games are $15.99 (CAD) and you receive a digital bundle which includes the game rom, and digital versions of the overlays, manual and box cover art.

Both games are available to buy at Intellivision Collector. Physical copies are expected at a later date.

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