New adventure game for Plus/4 and C64: Lykia – the lost island

From the same people who gave us the awesome Plus/4 platformer, Pets Rescue, comes a new adventure / RPG for the Plus/4 and C64.

Lykia is an epic quest for the C64 and expanded C16 + Plus/4 that spans 4 disk-sides! The beautifully presented adventure features lots of characters to interact with as you help Nora on her magical quest to find the lost island.

It’s Nora’s 16th birthday – but this was to be a birthday like none other!

Sent to pick apothia fruits by her mother something very strange and magical happened when Nora touched the fruit – an ancient spell was disturbed that affected all the people and animals throughout the land!

It also gave Nora special powers! And now it’s up to you to discover what is happening and to help various characters that she encounters on her travels

Physical versions of the game will be available from Psyktronic and Protovision and you can download the game here

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