TFW8bit’s Penultimate+2 cartridge for VIC-20 available to pre-order

The Future was 8-bit are launching an update to their popular VIC-20 cartridge, the Penultimate.

Features include:

  • 0-35K Configurable RAM Expansion
  • Games, lots of them! The entire TFW8b VIC collection plus many more. Including some exclusives titles and classics.
  • With 200ish built in games listed by A-Z & Category – (SHIFT+LETTER is your friend!)
  • Spoilt for choice? Well let Rod’s Random ROM Runner choose a game for you!
  • The PU+2’s Built in File Browser will automatically select the correct memory config when loading from SD2IEC or DISK
  • File Favourites gives you easy access to PRG, D64 or CRT images from your SD2IEC.
  • Configurable power on options – Boot to: Menu, Random, BASIC and more!
  • And.. Built in PU +2 Self test, DeadTest+ & IEC Test for testing your VIC.

Find out more, and pre-order here

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