The Dreamcast Visual Memory System is getting an upgrade

The VM2 project, currently live on IndieGoGo, aims to not only reproduce the functionality of the Dreamcast’s Visual Memory Unit, but also upgrade it with various next-gen features.

The Visual Memory System (or Visual Memory Unit in some) was essentially a souped-up memory card for the Dreamcast console. The device featured a monochrome LCD display, a real-time clock, file manager and also has the ability to play mini games, and function as an additional screen when playing Dreamcast games.

The VM2, designed by Chris Daioglou, features:

  • New monochrome backlit LCD
  • Higher screen resolution
  • Micro-SD storage
  • Internal storage of 128KB (200 blocks)
  • Embedded High-capacity battery
  • USB-C port (for charging & connecting to a PC)
  • Original Audio support
  • DreamEye support
  • Original language support (EN/JP)
  • LCD game images streaming to PC

The goal of the crowdfunding campaign is to raise the funds for manufacturing the custom parts and putting the VM2 into production. At the moment, the VM2 is at prototype stage, but the final design is 99% complete.

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