You can now play Vic-20 Cartridges on your Sam Coupé

Sam Coupé developer, Colin Piggot (aka Quazar) has been working on a device that allows you to play Vic-20 cartridges on the Sam.

Piggot said “My interface allows the SAM to read in the cartridge ROM code which is then fed to a tweaked version of a VIC-20 emulator that was written many years ago by Simon Owen, which is pretty clever stuff to emulate it on a Z80 machine. While the original emulator release just upported a couple games as snapshots, I’ve been working on fixes and patches to get it working with more games from the real cartridges. So far I’ve six* games working fine, most slow due to emulating the 6502 CPU + VIC on a 6MHz Z80, but some do run well – video attached of Raid On Fort Knox.

“It really started off as one of my own follies, seeing if I could get the VIC cartridges working on SAM, and it’s taken off from there! I’ve had to relearn 6502 assembly as well as the VIC-20 architecture, which has been quite fun!”

The device appears to be a limited edition of 10, and you can follow the progress on the Quazar account on Twitter and Mastodon. His official website is here, and online store here.

*Piggot has also recently added support for some Scott Adams adventures so the number is likely higher now.

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