Winners of the SMS Power Master System competition announced

Last month, Master System website SMS Power announced the winners of its 2023 coding competition. The winner was Extreme Volleyball Infernal League by raphnet – volleyball, but hosted by a demon king

The other games were:

Primates by willbritton – port of the classic Microsoft QBASIC game known as GORILLAS.BAS.
Where is it ? The Quest for the 10th island by Ricco59 – an original puzzle game where you have to find the correct 3×3 pattern before the time expires.
Artfull by Z80ASMprogrammer2022 – a picture guessing game for two players
Lil Evel Knievel by SteveProXNA – Lil Evel Knievel defies gravity with his gnarly skate board skills to conquer the original Wonderboy aquazone
Shootagem by joe – light gun based puxxle game
Monaco Master by Louis The SEGA Nerd – traffic dodging racing game

You can find out more at SMS Power

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