Amiga Amos Quick References (for Scan Codes and Patterns)

This may be of little interest to many people, but I’m currently trying to finish an Amiga AMOS game I started 20 years ago. There’s a few things I need to keep writing little snippets of code for – as my memory isn’t the best. I’ll add to this as I continue work on the game.


I’m always having to check what the scancodes are for certain keys. Here are the ones I use most often.

Escape 69
Backspace 65
Enter 68
Cursor Up 76
Cursor Right 78
Cursor Down 77
Cursor Left 79
Help 95
Delete 70
Function Keys F1-F10 80-89

Here is some code to easily get Scancodes.


And if you wanted it, here is the code I used to make it:


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