Developer, Mark Moxon, has recreated every Acornsoft box screenshot by hand

Mark Moxon, a UK-based web developer, has recreated every Acornsoft box screen shot by hand.

Moxon says, “I hand-crafted these images during the lockdown of 2020. It was a surprisingly therapeutic experience, and I had plenty of time to devote to making these shots as pixel-perfect as possible. That said, the original box screenshots were produced back in the 1980s by physically photographing the games running on CRT screens, and then developing the films and printing the resulting photographs on the boxes. This means that some of the original box screenshots, particularly the early ones for the Acorn Atom, are quite blurry and warped, which makes it more difficult to recreate modern replicas.”

Moxon adds that quite a few box screenshots contain differences from the games that were actually released. “…they give us an interesting glimpse into the development process, as they presumably show earlier or alternative versions of the games that were subsequently tweaked for release.”

You can see every screenshot, and more details at Mark Moxon’s website.

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