Lode Runner Legacy gets PS4 launch – Plus physical release for PS4 and Switch

Puzzle-platformer, Lode Runner, is getting an update for the Play Station 4. The new version, named Lode Runner Legacy, features voxel style graphics and a level editor, where your designs can be shared online. Legacy was launched on the Nintendo Switch last year.

Lode Runner was originally released in 1983 by Broderbund Software and was programmed by Doug Smith, who also contributed to games such as Lemmings 2, Chrono Trigger and Defender of the Crown. The original game was created for Apple II, Atari 8-Bit, MSX and Commodore 64 computers, but was ported to multiple platforms over the years, including a Lode Runner arcade machine and a Lode Runner board game.

The game, published by Tozai Games, is available at 20% off the regular price of $11.99 at the North American PlayStation Store through February 11, 2020.

Limited edition physical versions will be available from Strictly Limited Games.

The game will be available to download on Stuttgart-based publisher Strictly Limited Games, who specialise in the release of limited physical collector’s editions of digital games for PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita and Nintendo Switch, will be responsible for bringing the physical limited editions of Lode Runner Legacy on both PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch in Q1 2020.

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