Tweeting from a Psion 5mx

Psion user, Kian Ryan, has managed to connect his Psion 5mx to the modern world (via a Raspberry Pi Zero) and send tweets with it.

The hardware involved:

  • a Raspberry Pi Zero;
  • a Psion RS232 link cable;
  • an RS232-TTL converter;
  • a null modem adapter;
  • a RS232 gender changer.

You’re also going to need to edit the Raspberry Pi’s config file, download a Psion terminal program from Internet archive and have the patience of a saint.

Ryan says of his motivation:

“I really like my Psion. Nice keyboard, black and white, works great in sunlight. Runs for forever off a few double AA batteries. I also really like The Raspberry Pi Zero. A little full-fat Linux machine, smaller than a credit card that can run quite happily on battery power. I want to make these two devices talk so I’ve got a little lightweight portable Linux terminal.”

You can find full details of how Ryan managed to tweet from his Psion here.

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