A/V Output: 9 July 2018 – Podcast and YouTube Roundup

In A/V Output we take a gander at the latest podcasts and YouTube videos of interest to the retro gamer! If we’re missing your favourite podcaster or YouTuber, let us know and we’ll take a look.

Podcast Picks​

Youtube Picks​

ChinnyVision plays Dempsey And Makepeace

  • Nostalgia Nerd shows us a bunch of Nuclear Reactor Simulator style retro games.
  • Sharopolis restarts the old Amiga vs ST debate: “Usually the Commodore Amiga had the upper hand in the 16-bit format war, but not always. Sometimes the Atari ST was the victor and I take a look at those rare moments when it beat it’s biggest competitor. “
  • ChinnyVision plays Dempsey And Makepeace on the Amstrad CPC – “The game was advertised for the CPC, C64 and Spectrum but only the CPC version ever turned up. Is it an all action 80’s cop show game worth seeking out? Why did the other versions never come out. ChinnyVision investigates using real hardware”
  • Gaming Exhibit has played every BBC Micro game beginning with a number and ranked them all

That’s it for this week. More A/V Output next Tuesday!

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