Amiga demo available for Vergeworld: Icarus

Vergeworld: Icarus is a new Amiga game being developed by Retro Bones. The game is described as a sci-fi shoot’em up, racer game with exploration elements.

In the demo game you must fly your ship through the canyon to complete the Death Run Challenge. The closer you fly to the planet surface, the faster you go, but there is more chance of crashing. Scoring 1,000,000 points means you get to join the Revolt!

Amiga 1MB version

Amiga version with more than 1MB of memory

The Amiga demo and more information about the game can be found here. As well as Amiga, versions are being planned for Mega Drive / Genesis, Switch, Macintosh, Atari ST and Steam.

You can see a Demo of the game on Amiga below:

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