Clipped Claws is a free e-book celebrating 30 years of the Atari Jaguar

Boris Kretzinger’s book on the history of the Atari Jaguar is freely available for download at Kretzinger says, “It took my a while to get there, and I enjoyed every minute of it. I hope you will appreciate and enjoy it as well.”

In 2023 the Atari Jaguar celebrates its 30th anniversary. Atari launched the console in 1993 with the claim of ushering in a new era. It was supposed to be so advanced that it would cement a firm place in the console market for the following decade. The hardware was celebrated by the press, marveled at by software developers, longed for by gamers — especially in Europe — and for a time even nervously watched by the competition. After all, the Jaguar was the first game console with two 32-bit RISC processors working in tandem, a 64-bit Blitter and 64-bit object processor as well as dedicated 3D capabilities. The timing for the launch also seemed chosen well: The top dogs Nintendo and Sega were still working on the respective successors to their 16-bit machines, and the Jaguar launched with at least a year‘s head start, according to everything the management in Silicon Valley could count on at the time…

You can download the book here.

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