Neo Geo CD control pad repair kit now taking pre-orders

If the click buttons in your Neo Geo CD joypad are no longer working as they should, then Laser Bear Industries are producing a new repair kit.

The original buttons were a 9x9mm button that are no longer available for purchase, this kit replaces the top cover of the button mechanism with one that will support 6x6mm buttons that are readily available and should be easy to source down the road should the new buttons fail at some point.

The Kit contains:

  • 1x Resin Printed Housing
  • 4x Resin Printed Button Caps for Springs #3 for looser response
  • 4x Resin Printed Button Caps for Springs #4 for tighter response
  • 4x Omron B3F-1025 Tactile Buttons

You can find out more at the Laser Bear website and you can see a video below

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