Net Yaroze Month: Katapila

In Net Yaroze Month, we are playing every Net Yaroze game featured on the UK Official Playstation Magazine, and ranking them all in the order we liked them. You may have other opinions as to the ranking, which is awesome.

To learn more about Net Yaroze, read our introductory article here.

Game: Katapila
By: Ben James
Genre: Platformer
Available on Euro Demo: 107

Katapila is a game where you are a bouncing green thing. You can move left and right, enabling you to bounce on to higher platforms. If you fall off the platforms you die. It is basically what a prototype of Doodle Jump would look like.

There are several levels of difficulty, starting on Easy, where all the platforms are stationary, right up to Very Hard, where the platforms not only move about, but break when you land on them.

It’s the sort of thing Codemasters would have put Dizzy in, and put out for £2.99 back in the 8-bit days.


Ben James went on to work for Codemasters, and although he has now left the games industry, he still creates indie games. Check out his portfolio on

Net Yaroze Month rankings:​

While there’s nothing inherently bad about Katapila, it didn’t provide much longevity for me, so with sadness, this one goes at the bottom of the pile so far.

  1. Blitter Boy
  2. Super Bub Contest
  3. Haunted Maze
  4. Katapila

Still to play:

  • Decaying Orbit
  • Bouncer 2
  • Terra Incognita
  • Blockz
  • Psychon
  • Yaroze Rally
  • Tanx
  • Gravitation
  • Roller
  • Robot Ron
  • Adventure Game
  • Between the Eyes
  • INVS
  • Video Arcade Poker
  • Opera of Destruction
  • Sphere
  • Surf Game
  • Rocks n Gems
  • Yarozians
  • PingPing
  • Game Involving Triangles
  • Pssst
  • Squeak
  • Shroud
  • Total Soccer Yaroze
  • Time Slip
  • Sam the Boulderman
  • Technical Demo
  • Pushy IIb
  • Pandora’s Box
  • Down
  • Snowball Fight
  • Arena
  • A Dog Tale
  • Mah Jongg
  • Samsaric Asymptotes
  • Hover Car Racing
  • Clone

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