New Book: Acorn – A World In Pixels

Available later this month is Acorn – A World In Pixels, a book showcasing the games history of the BBC Micro and Electron.

The book contains 476 pages and featured a foreword by Richard Hanson of Superior Software, and cover illustration by Ste Pickford. Television and radio presenter, Iain Lee also contributes an article ‘Life of an Acorn Gamer’.

The book contains features on the magazines, publishers, and games. Plus exclusive interviews with the key figures of the Acorn world, such as David Braben and Ian Bell (Elite), Geoff Crammond (The Sentinel, REVS), Peter Irvin (Starship Command), Tim Tyler (Repton), Peter Scott (Sim City), Nick Pelling (Frak!) and more.

The book is available to pre-order from Idesine, who are a UK publisher specialising in the creative arts industry.

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