Wishlist: Five things I’d love to see for the Evercade

When I reviewed the Evercade back in 2020, I had a Wishlist of cartridges I’d like to see. Funnily enough, most of that wishlist has been fulfilled:

  • Intellivision Collection – yep this happened!
  • Taito arcade collection – not happened as yet, but still hoping
  • Team 17 Collection – we’ve had Worms, and with the new home computer range, it’s likely we’ll get something like this.
  • Bitmap Brothers Collection – yep this happened!
  • Sensible Software Collection – the Codemasters Collection features a bunch of Sensi’s games
  • 8-Bit Microcomputer Collection – there’s a C64 cart on way, so we’re getting there

So it’s time for a new Wishlist – here are five things I’d love to see for the Evercade platform.

Local Multiplayer on the Evercade EXP handheld​

In the past you could play multiplayer on many handheld platforms using an additional device – a Gamelink for the Gameboy, a Comlynx Cable for the Atari Lynx and the Gear-to-Gear Cable for the Game Gear.

It would be great to be able to do this on the EXP, either with a dedicated cable, or perhaps additionally connecting to a LAN using the built in WiFi.

Trackball Controller for the VS​

The Atari Arcade cart is pretty much screaming for a trackball. Although Missile Command, Crystal Castles, Centipede, Millipede and Liberator can be played with a D-Pad, they are much better with the original controller that they were designed to use. Ideally a paddle controller would be made too for Breakout, Pong and Warlords, however – a trackball would work better for them than a standard D-Pad.

Evercade Arcade​

Imagine a table-top arcade, which you could plug Evercade carts into. Bonus points if you could turn the screen for Tate mode and Double bonus points if the controller was interchangeable with options for racing, light gun and trackball games.

Limited Edition ‘Low Interest’ Carts​

As time passes, some gaming systems are harder to get hold of, or are just darn obscure. I’d love to have limited edition carts for various low-interest systems such as the Fairchild Channel F, Super A’Can, Commodore Plus/4 or Watara Supervision.

This probably doesn’t make sense from a commercial point of view, but from a game historian’s point of view it would be awesome to have carts like these.

Vectrex Cart​

With the higher resolution and Tate mode on the EXP, I think a cart full of Vectrex games would be awesome. Plus there is some amazing Homebrew games for the Vectrex too.

What would your Wishlist be for the Evercade? Let us know in the comments!

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