Evercade to offer free monthly games on VS

Evercade are offering free monthly Indie games for owners of their VS Console. Each game will be free to play for one month, and and the end of the year, all of the games will be packaged up as part of a new cartridge, Indie Heroes Collection 2, which will give Evercade hand-held owners the chance to play these games too.

Sean Cleaver of Evercade said “With the launch of Evercade VS and the addition of WiFi for updates, we really wanted to take advantage of the new ease of content delivery. Not just for essential updates, bug fixes, and tweaks, but also to implement new features and be able to really push the boundaries of what our retro gaming system can offer.”

Starting from Friday April 8th, VS owners will be able to download an update, which will give them access to a Game of the Month. There will be ten games in all, and each game is an indie game brand new to the Evercade.

To be able to access the Game of the Month, you’ll need to make sure you’re running the latest firmware (2.1.0)

The first game will be Tapeworm by Lowtek (who also made Flea, on Indie Heroes Collection 1). The game is a 100 level puzzle game, and you can see a trailer for the game below.

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